Occupational Health and Industrial Safety on portable emergency shower

What is Anphoterol®?

Anphoterol® is a new line of first aid products that provides an effective solution against chemical spills with the highest safety standards in the market.  It has been  developed  to protect the safety and care of workers when chemical exposure occurs.  Its main components are all present in the human body and they are environmentally-safe (biodegradable).

Anphoterol®'s Competitive Advantages

Improves the Occupational Health and Safety - OHS Standards of the Industry:

Anphoterol® can simultaneously be used on the skin or eyes, due to its mist spray technology.

Medical Device Class II

ISP Certification DDM/2027/19. Full traceability of the product.

Biodegradable Solution

Its main components are all present in the human body and they are environmentally safe (biodegradable).

Sustainable product

All products environmentally safe. Final disposal of the products if needed.


Free training support on the application of the product to the end user (Issuance of a written personal certification).

Local Production

Chilean production.

High Levels of Stock

Commercial response in less than 48 hours.


Best relation price-benefit product of the market.



An amphoteric substance is one that reacts either as an acid or as an alkali.


A hypertonic solution reduces the penetration of the chemical agent by generating and opposite flow of the substances through the tissue. Therefore, minimizes the effect of the chemical agent.


Its main components are all present in the human body and they are environmentally safe (biodegradable).


Substance that promotes the elimination of heavy metals from the human body to avoid their toxicity.


Ability of the solution to react effectively against numerous agents: acids, alkalis, corrosives, irritants, oxidants, reducing agents, among others.

565x1050-EN (1)

User Protocol

Stand out of the danger zone.

Wash immediately with Anphoterol® solution.

Remove all affected clothing.

Report the accident.

Consult a health specialist.

Quality Policy

Laboratorio Kasem is committed in the research and development in order to provide the best quality products and solutions to protect the health and safety of all the workers who are exposed to chemical risks.  Our faithful commitments are:

Fulfill the needs and expectations of our clients and stakeholders.
Improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System by planning, executing, controlling with constant feedback on our tasks.
Strengthen the skills of our staff through an internal training process that increases the knowledge and competences of our collaborators and therefore, of our organization.
Identify and comply with good practices, current and future legal regulations that applies to our industry.

Certifications and Validations